1/48 Tamiya British Universal Carrier MkII and Citroen IICV

Gallery Article by Bill Bunting on Dec 7 2011

2 of the 1/48 scale military vehicles from Tamiya. Although not aircraft they can easily be incorporated into a diorama. They are very straightforward kits and will pose no problems for anyone with a model or two under their belt.  The carrier is the more complex as it has a lot of parts to make up the various compartments, driving gear and weapons.  The Citroen took under 2 hours to complete including painting, flat coat etc.


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All paints are Tamiya. "German Grey" was used for the car and just panel lines highlighted with oils.  I'm not sure my weathering on the carrier will win any awards in an armour model contest but it's not too bad.  The green came from Tamiya aerosol, tracks are a mixture of "Flat Earth", "Hull Red" and drybrushed with "Gun Metal". Panel lines were done with brown oils and finally a dusting of Tamiya "flat earth"

These were a nice break from aircraft models. I think I'll do a Panther tank next (in camo?).  

Bill Bunting


Photos and text by Bill Bunting