1/76 Airfix Panzer IV

Gallery Article by Rick Reinbott on Feb 6 2012

This is my Airfix 1/76 Panzer IV.    

I finished this a year ago and it is not from the current boxing, rather, it's one of the kits that came with the OLD MPC diorama set 'Tank Battle at El Alamein' (mid-70s or so); remember those?! Well, after I started (back then) and the project seemed a little too overwhelming at the time I put it down for all these years and then, not too long ago, found out that the kits were all Airfix.  So, as they say, I suddenly 'got the bug' and decided to finally finish one of them!  The set also came with another Panzer IV, a Sturm III, a Crusader and a Matlilda.  (I also have a partially completed Sherman form the MPC 'Guns of Normandy' set along with a barely started Tiger1 from that set.)


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I drilled out the main 75mm gun as well as the mantlet and hull machine guns.  The model is brush-painted with Humbrol 'Armor Sand' as the base coat with red-brown and a medium-green (RLM 82 maybe?) for the camouflage.  Weathering consisted of an overall light acrylic wash of flat black.  The decals are from the spares bin with the crosses being trimmed-down 1/72 scale swastikas and the turret # coming from a 1/100 scale aircraft sheet.  The base is from a local craft store (MIchaels) with Woodland Scenics grass, baking soda for the light snow and some cut dry grass from the yard to add a little more variety.

Here's the link to the profiles where I got the camouflage pattern from (lots of choices here!): http://www.warandtactics.com/smf/...ge-patterns-earl-grey-collection/

Happy Modeling!

Rick Reinbott


Photos and text by Rick Reinbott