1/24 Italeri Toyota Pickup

Gallery Article by Antonio Serrano on May 25 2012


Hi everybody: 

Here is my 1/24 Italeri Pickup Toyota decorated as a Libyan Rebel car like those that we all have seen on TV.

I chopped the doors off, because the interior panel of the doors just didn't exist in the kit, causing a very poor visual effect.


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There is a funny thing with this kit.  It is a very old mould by an old maker that does not exist anymore, ESCI, now marketed by ITALERI.  I have built it twice under those two makers, in I found it to be better when sold under the name of ESCI many years ago. An example, the decals for the instrument panel are not included at all, and the plastic is very fragile and brittle.

So, this is what I am able to do.

I Hope you like it. 

Antonio Serrano

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Photos and text by Antonio Serrano