1/35 Trumpeter Canadian AVGP "Grizzley"

Gallery Article by Shawn "phantom" Weiler on July 1 2012

  Canada Day 2012 


This is a BIG departure for me. A target. My first armor build in over 25 years. This is the 1/35 scale Trumpeter Canadian AVGP Grizzley built out of the box. I played with these things on rare occasion in my 12 years in the Canadian army. Even drove it once even though I was not qualified.


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The kit itself was neat for me. Something I ACTUALLY played with many years ago. It was built almost to the instructions. Except I remembered the tail lights on the ones we had were different. Fortunately the correct ones came in the box. The only problem I had was there are no instructions for how to build the turret. As you can see I figured it out on my own.

The only other issue was one of the tires went bouncing under a desk and it took two weeks to find!!! Its the one that has zero weathering which is not in any of the photos. Included is one of my long ago builds, like 30 years long ago builds. A M-113 I built while working night shift at the MIR in CFB Petawawa back in something like 1983.


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Photos and text by Shawn "phantom" Weiler