1/72 Mars Le Clerc & Caesar Miniature French Infantry

Gallery Article by Greg Kerry on Mar 22 2013


This was the second small scale Mars kit I tried and it went together much better than the Challanger I did first.  Only problem with this one was the drive wheels being too wide to fit the tracks - easily remedied by sawing in half, then gluing back together. 

As with the Challanger, the kit was Chinese cheap, the detail a bit minimal, and some details questionable. However, for a quick simple build it was fine. 

Paints were Tamiya acrylics, washes and drybrushing were by watercolour. 


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The figures were nice - part of a set that included (for some odd reason) modern Chinese infantry.  My only complaints are what I would say about all this company's products: packing the figures loose in a plastic bag rather than on the sprue is a bad idea (guns and things get bent), and there is no real painting guide.  Otherwise, they're a great product.  Painted as with the tank only with more attention to muting the contrast between colours. 

The base is some plastic scrap covered by a glue-soaked tissue with real dirt sprinkled on top of that.

Greg Kerry


Photos and text by Greg Kerry