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1/35 EOD Tactical Robot 1 model kit

Product # AC35010 for for 640

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Jan 18 2012

This new model kit from AFV Club is available directly from Hobby Link Japan

This is an interesting little kit of the EOD Tactical Robot.  This robot has been used in thousands of mission since it start use with the military in Bosnia.  It was most recently used in Iraq and Afghanistan to assist with such thing as IEDs.  It is a very adaptable robot that can carry a variety of sensors and payloads and it can even operate under water.

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This is a simply little model kit, but it would have fantastic potential in a diorama or just as an addition to your display case....or if you want to have fun.....enter it in a contest and see what category it gets slotted into.  In the hands of a super detailer, this kit has fantastic potential.  If built correctly the arm will be moveable, which is ideal for a diorama.

This little robot should be of interest to any modern AFV modeler.

This detail set is available directly from Hobby Link Japan

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Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford